How Technology can Help Women Take Control of their Sexual Health with Cassy Gibson, Co-founder and CPO @ Kliit Health

In today’s episode, Iman and I are hosting Cassy Gibson, the co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Kliit Health. Kliit health a digital health platform dedicated to enabling women to talk to trusted sexual and reproductive health experts about their health. For as little as $10 a session, users are connected to OBGYNs, Nurse practitioners, sex therapists, and other health experts through a secure live chat. Kliit is fully on-demand, meaning no contracts and no subscriptions. Before founding Kliit Health, Cassy was a UX designer at Sidebench, where she designed user experiences on the leading edge of healthcare innovation. Her previous client includes some of the largest healthcare systems in the world, including, the American Heart Association, The Texas Medical Center, and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Accolades for Kliit Health They were participants in the Grid110 accelerator program in LA and were also participants in the Vital Voices incubator program They were the winners of the Afrotech Health Challenge @ the 2019 Afrotech Conference, one of the largest multicultural tech conferences in the United States They were one of 4 winners at the Harvard Business School’s inaugural Black New Ventures Competition Today we touch on a few different subjects: The state of sexual health education in the US and how misinformation can lead to adverse health effects The Benefits and Growth of the Telemedicine industry How to Recruit Medical Professionals onto your Digital Health Startup The Power of Word of Mouth Recruiting Designing products for 2 distinct users Enjoy!

A breakdown of today’s episode: 02:30 – 08:00: Introduction to Cassy and Inspiration to Kliit 08:30 – 12:30: Current State of University Sex Education/Healthcare 13:00 – 16:00: Examining Different User-Bases 16:00 – 17:45: Getting Healthcare Professionals on the Platform 18:00 – 20:00: The Effect of COVID-19 on Digital Health 21:00 – 26:00: Opportunities and Industry Hurdles in Prescribing Treatments 26:30 – 29:00: How to Run an Open Beta 30:00 – 33:00: Designing a Product for both Doctors and Patients 33:30 – 36:45: Assembling a Diverse Team 37:00 – 39:30: When to go to the OBGYN? 40:00 – 43:40: Favorite Customer Experiences 44:00 – 46:20: Designing for Patient-Centered Care 46:30 – 48:40: Next Steps towards Growth and Creating a Movement

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