How Your Relationships are the Biggest Predictor of Happiness in Life, Creating an App as a Non-Technical Founder, and How to Understand your Customers, with Ali Maggioncalda, Founder/CEO of Lovewick

Today we sit down with Ali Maggioncalda, the CEO and founder of Lovewick. Lovewick is an app centered on creating deeper relationships for couples. Ali started off her exploration of love and relationships at Stanford doing extensive research on the psychology of healthy relationships and how that plays into the health of our daily lives.

Throughout her research, she noticed there was a huge difference in finding and retaining satisfied relationships in the digital age. Her works focuses on addressing the many differences in how couples interact and think about love.

Lovewick has an average of 4.8 stars on the App Store, over 150+ reviews, and has over 20,000 active users. Truly an episode to listen to if you’re interested in the science of healthy relationships (new love, married, or even with friends or family) and finding deep relationships.

Topics we cover:

1) What Ali has learned after interviewing over 200 couples for user research

2) Ali’s process on deciding to pursue a start-up idea

3) How to understand if the problem you’re solving requires a digital solution

4) Growing your audience by using TikTok

5) The Power of Community as a Founder

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