Medical Device Rep Podcast: Dr. Roy Sanders

Device Nation sits down with one of the titans of trauma and F&A, Dr. Roy Sanders!  Does the Trigen nail and Alps ring a bell?  It should as he has nearly 40 patents on orthopedic instruments and implants.  If you are a surgeon with an idea you'd like to monetize, he shares some great (and sobering) advice.     We talk about his life, AO/ASIF, his work at JOT, OTA…if fixing broken things is your passion this episode is a don't miss!

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We open up part two of our FBI “Special Agent” series with a look at the Behavioral Influence Stairway developed by former FBI BSU chief, Dr. Greg Vecchi!  We look at the first step of the stairway before us…Empathy.   We define it and introduce its two precursors, critical elements  to ANY relationship….questions and active listening.

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