NLP in healthcare 1/3: The State of Symptom Checkers (Jeff Cuttler, Ada Health)

ChatGPT has been entertaining and amazing the world in the last month, and there’s no shortage of ideas and new inspiration about what AI could do for healthcare. In a short series of three episodes, we will touch upon this topic from three angles:

  1. will first take a look at the state of symptom checkers and their accuracy today,
  2. the development and state of voice tech and natural language processing for structuring data, and end with
  3. a comment on ChatGPT, chatbots and Google’s recently released paper on MultiMedQA, a benchmark combining six existing open question answering datasets spanning professional medical exams, research, and consumer queries; and HealthSearchQA, a new free-response dataset of medical questions searched online. 

Today you’ll hear from a discussion with Jeff Cutler – Chief Commercial Officer of Ada Health, whom I spoke with at HLTH. 

Ada is the world’s most popular symptom assessment app, with 10 million users and 25 million completed assessments. Every three seconds, someone turns to Ada for personal health guidance.

Discussion topics:

  • the development of accuracy and business models of symptom checkers,
  • how is Ada improving the accuracy of its algorithms,
  • their partnership with the likes of Sutter Health to enhance the care patients receive even before entering the doctor’s office.


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