Preventing blindness by detecting it early, with AI

Our guest: Soufiane Ajana

Dr. Soufiane Ajana is an epidemiologist at Bordeaux Population Health Research Center, based in Bordeaux, France. He did his PhD in Machine Learning in Public Health at Bordeaux University.

In this episode, Dr. Ajana talks through what made him choose this path and how his work in machine learning is about predicting progression to advanced Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) from clinical, genetic and lifestyle factors.

He is a laureate of the SPARK program, an initiative launched by the Stanford Faculty of Medicine, to start a deep-tech startup based on his research work to prevent the onset of a AMD, a blinding eye disease.

You will not want to miss the companion video segment with Dr. Soufiane Ajana on the You+AI Vodcast which is full of fun and candid moments.

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