S079 Women’s health and the dream but real healthcare setting (Carolyn Witte)

Healthcare is anything but relaxing once you’re a patient. But what if you could look forward to your appointments as you look forward to a wellness visit? 
This was among the guidelines designers of Tia – the next generation women’s healthcare platform – are operating under in their product development. 
Tia was first a search-engine like support companion for women interested in anonymous search of reliable health information. By today, Tia is an ecosystem of services: a personalized women’s health information provider, a brick and mortar clinic in New York City. Listen to co-founder and CEO of Tia Carolyn Witte explain what patient-centered care looks like and how can healthcare be made more affordable, as in the case of Tia.
Summary of the show: https://www.facesofdigitalhealth.com/blog/s079-womens-health-and-the-dream-but-real-healthcare-setting-carolyn-witte
More about Tia: https://asktia.com/


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