The Burden of Perfection – And How to Carry It

This week’s episode of the First Case “Articles On-The-Go” series is written by Melanie Perry, BSN, RN, CNOR, CSSM. In it she discusses something that has become so engrained in us as healthcare professionals, that we might not even realize that it exists. 

“Think about it: we work in a high-stakes, high-risk environment. One mistake could cost a patient their lives, or cost us our license and careers. There really is no room for error. But we come to work, day in and day out, shouldering that responsibility, oftentimes without giving it a second thought. This is just what we do and it’s part of the job.”

Tune in to hear more about the burden of perfection, and to get Melanie’s advice for how to carry it!


Articles On-the-Go presents perioperative insights from written articles in a creative, easy to listen, audio format. Think audio book, meets busy Operating Room professional!

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