The complete journey of building a digital health app

Our guest: Dr. Stefan Buttigieg

Dr. Buttigieg is a specialist in Public Health Medicine with an avid interest in Clinical Informatics, Social Media and Digital Health. He currently lectures at the University of Malta Faculty of Health Sciences on the topics of Digital Health and Social Media in Healthcare.

As the co-lead of the data management team of the Covid19 public health response team in Malta, his team built a Covid19 contact tracing digital health app in Malta which had a high adoption percentage.

In this episode, Dr. Buttigieg shares the journey of how this app was built, the best practices that the team kept up with, the challenges – which were not just technical and the learnings that may be applicable to digital health apps in general.

You will not want to miss the companion video segment with Dr. Stefan Buttigieg on the You+AI Vodcast which is full of fun and candid moments.

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