The Importance of Being an Operator & Patient-Centric Design: A Pill-Pack Case Study with Danny Kim, Head of Corp Dev @ WELT

Today, we have part one of our interview with Danny Kim, the Head of Corporate Development at WELT. WELT creates “Personalized digital therapeutics for the treatment of diseases with high unmet medical needs.” WELT is currently focused on creating therapeutics for substance abuse disorders (SUD), alcohol use disorder (AUD), and insomnia.

This week’s episode will be slightly different from our typical interview structure. Next week’s episode will be more traditional, where we deep dive into Danny’s background and his work at WELT.

What you will learn about today

1.) How working directly under TJ Parker (CEO & Co-founder of Pill Pack, acq. By Amazon) fundamentally changed how Danny approaches problems and entrepreneurship.
2.) How do you balance the different needs of the multiple stakeholders (patients, health insurance, provider, pharmaceutical companies) in the therapeutics space?
3.) Why Amazon acquiring Pill Pack makes so much sense

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