The Niche Episode 031 – (Bonus) Interview with John Reites CEO of Thread Research

This is our January interview bonus. I sit down with John Reites, founder and CEO of Thread Research to discuss eCOA, decentralized clinical trials past, present, and future, and how you can think about a decentralized approach to your project.


1:00 – The last 10 years of decentralized research

3:15 – The current regulatory landscape and variability in the industry

5:32 – Moving into the life sciences from another spaces 

8:28 – Breakdown of eCOA and the subcategories you need to know about 

12:36 – Are all trials becoming decentralized? 

15:40 – Decentralized trials in the future

22:04 – Data Security with eCOA and decentralized trials   

25:58 – Challenges implementing international and multinational decentralized trials 

32:00 – Steps you should take to make your trial decentralized-ready 



More on John Reites

Music by Luke Goodson

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