The Niche Episode 075 – Bonus Interview with Danielle Coe, Founder Black Women in Clinical Research

This week, we have a special bonus interview with Danielle Coe, founder of Black Women in Clinical Research.

Danielle Coe
Black Women in Clinical Research


Danielle Coe started her career as a lab-based scientist, after learning from a friend about work in clinical research she pivoted her goals. It wasn’t immediate, but she eventually found her way into the industry and has forged a path on the site side clinical research. Through the process she was struck by the lack of women of color. To help decrease this gap and drive diversity through peer-to-peer support, Danielle created Black Women in Clinical Research. The goal? To help other black women start and build careers in clinical research through community support, resume crafting, interview preparation, negation tactics for salary, and more.  

Danielle carved time out of her busy schedule to share her story. I really appreciate the way she has turned the challenges she faced into a solution for others and her drive to provide practical solutions, not just nice ideas.

Music by Luke Goodson

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