TPTCP #20 – Dr. Emil Berengut, DPT: Physical Therapy Opportunities in Population Health

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Emil Berengut, PT, DPT, MSW, is the Director of Physical Therapy at the NYU Student Health Center. He has over 25 years of experience in healthcare. He received his Master’s in Social Work from the University of Maryland and a doctorate in Physical Therapy from NYU, following which he was the first graduate of the orthopedic physical therapy residency program at the Hospital for Special Surgery. Dr. Berengut is a board-certified physical therapist and an adjunct lecturer at the NYU Program of Physical Therapy. He is a published author, having contributed to two textbooks on cancer rehabilitation and peer-reviewed articles. He has presented at the Combined Sections Meeting of the APTA, at the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine, and the MSKCC Rehabilitation Symposium. A lifelong learner he is completing his Master’s in Health Administration at the NYU Wagner School of Public Service. His interests are innovative digital solutions to improve population health and address social determinants of health. During this episode we discussed: – Lessons learned from 16-months of strictly telehealth practice – Physical Therapy’s role in population health – How to affect individual behavior through motivational interviewing – The value of Strength and conditioning education as part of a DPT curriculum I really enjoyed my conversation with Emil. I hope you do too.

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