TPTCP #21 – Lydia Zeller: An Innovator Pivots to Meet the Market

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This week on the podcast our special guest is Lydia Zeller, the CEO of Kiio, a provider of digital musculoskeletal solutions sold B2B to health insurers and large employers. In addition to her extensive finance, operations, and product experience, Lydia has a long track record of driving innovation in musculoskeletal care. She conceived and spearheaded Kiio’s efforts to bring its digital MSK therapeutic to market, signed the company’s first clients, and initiated the independent, third-party clinical and financial outcomes studies that have proven Kiio significantly improves pain, function and quality of life while reducing opioid prescriptions, aggressive treatments and total health plan spend. Lydia is passionate about providing effective, individualized, convenient care that delivers high-value at lower costs and delights member users. In this episode, we got to speak with Lydia about:

– The digitization of healthcare and the security of collected data

– Pivoting your strategy to meet the market

– Effectively providing musculoskeletal interventions at scale

– AI triage and patient engagement

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