Upgrading Clinical Care through Telemedicine in a Post-COVID World with Ijaz Arif and Dr. Arshad Ali

In our latest episode, we spoke with the founders of VeeMed, Ijaz Arif and Dr. Arshad Ali on how telemedicine is filling the gaps that exist in the clinic, especially post the outbreak of COVID-19. VeeMed is a telehealth platform that enables physicians, nurses, and clinical experts to accompany the patient on each step of their healthcare journey. They offer a suite of products to healthcare providers to digitally connect to patients, so the continuum of care is never disrupted. Patients are at the center of their tech, aiming to always provide “care on time”!
VeeMed began with a spark of inspiration that brought together three forward-thinking men: a U.S. board-certified intensivist, a Duke and USC alumnus and technology entrepreneur, and a seasoned telemedicine evangelist. Since 2016 – only a year after two of the founders were recognized for innovation by President Barack Obama – VeeMed has worked hard to pair groundbreaking technology with deep clinical expertise, and operational excellence. They arrived at a turnkey telehealth solution that has been at the forefront of healthcare continuity during the coronavirus.
We talk about the two eras of telemedicine: Pre COVID-19 and Post COVID-19. This is due to the dramatic spike seen in telemedicine! We talk about how there’s been the rapid adoption and advancement of telemedicine in our society that would have taken us 5 years to achieve had the coronavirus not occurred. It’s an amazing accomplishment for healthcare and it’s being supported by companies like VeeMed leading the charge.
VeeMed’s current activities include partnering with Intel to provide a telehealth solution for Banner Health to fight COVID-19 — while also managing their current suite of technologies and supporting patients as active doctors themselves. What an unbelievable team and we so enjoyed talking to them!


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