Using Behavioral Economics to Improve Patient Outcomes with Matt Loper, CEO of Wellth

Have you ever wondered why human beings tend to do things that are against their best interests, especially when it comes to taking care of their own health? The team at Wellth definitely did! We sit down with Matt Loper, CEO, and founder of Wellth, a rising star in the digital health space! Using Behavioral Economics, Wellth inspires positive behavior change for patients with chronic behavioral and physical health conditions. Medication non-compliance is such a large problem, that studies believe that medication non-compliance poses a $300B annual burden on the healthcare ecosystem.

To tackle such a large problem, the Wellth platform offers different features like personalized messaging, celebratory videos from family and…actual cash payments!

We talk about a variety of topics, everything from partnering with providers and health insurers, raising a $11M Series A, to Matt’s personal story on why he founded Wellth. We talk about the role of behavioral economics and gamification in digital health and how it is changing the lives of patients! We are so excited about this episode, and the future of Wellth! You can see the shortlist of the amazing results Wellth has produced here:

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