“With Great Personal Data, Comes Great Responsibility”: Managing Your Personal Data in a World with Vaccine Passports, with David Lucatch, CEO of KABN Network

David Lucatch is theCEO, President & Chair of the Corporation at Liquid Avatar Technologies. Hehasspent over35 years as a serial entrepreneur in the international marketingarena and over 25 years of that developing technologies and taking them to market.Today, David’s focus is set squarely on Liquid Avatar (formerly The KABN Network), as its Chair, and its mission to empower individuals, through Self Sovereign Identity, to manage, control, and profit from the use of their identity and related personal data.

Topics We Discuss in Our Interview:

  • Why will identity services be so important during and post-COVID?
  • How are you partnering with companies to create a “digital passport” to track proof of COVID vaccinations and test results?
  • How will you go about creating this “digital passport”?
  • How will people get back to normal in a post-vaccine world?
  • Why continue building in the technology space? What keeps the passion alive?
  • Where do you see health and technology intersecting in the next 5 years?

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