Your Health with Only a Camera + Creating the Foundation of the Brain-Computer Interface @ DARPA with Dr. Phillip Alveda, CEO of Brainworks

We sit down with Dr. Phillip Alveda, the founder of Brainworks, an AI company that can calculate your heart rate, oxygen levels, breathing rate, and heart rate variability only using the camera on your phone or laptop! It’s incredible tech, and we hear of Phillip’s journey to developing amazing technology from his time at MIT, NASA, DARPA, and interactions with neuroscience leaders like Elon Musk. We talk about singularity and how AI surpassing human intelligence may prove more good to society than what’s speculated today. This episode is certainly an interesting look at how AI, informed by neuroscience, is changing how doctors deliver care!

In today’s episode, we answer some of the following questions:

1.) What kind of work has DARPA done to establish the foundation of the computer-human interface? (Think Neuralink!)

2.) How “intelligent” is artificial intelligence? Do we have to worry about AI becoming smarter than humans any time soon?

3.) How does early-stage start-up pivot due to COVID? How do you take your base technology and apply it to a different use case?

4.) What does the future of AI in healthcare look like?

5.) What are your thoughts on neuroscience players and how they’ve been contributing to brain technology?

To see a demo of the technology and some of its use cases, check out Philip’s 10-minute pitch at VentureBeat here.

If you want to play with the technology itself, check out the product at

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