Reply To: AAOS entreprenurship ICL

  • Morteza Meftah

    January 10, 2021 at 1:16 am


    We only have till April 1st to finalize the handouts. I think we need 4 topics:

    – Basics of intellectual property, what I wish I knew during residency, and how to deal with institutional guidelines

    – How to innovate in an structured way “Anyone can Innovate”

    – You have an idea/patent, now what? How to start a startup, what you need to do initially, pitfalls

    – Scaling your business, fundraising, VP/PE

    I can cover the “structured innovation thinking: how to formulate innovation” or something similar. The idea is to show that one can use formulas to innovate. Thoughts?

    We can have a vide call before or after the OrthoFounders meeting, Monday afternoon. I am free most days after 6-7 pm.