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Digital Health & Medical Law (Australia based, Global work)

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LLB. BComm. GradDipLP. LLM. Admitted as a lawyer & officer of the Supreme Court of Victoria.


Global Digital Health Strategy | Bianca Rose Phillips, Legal Theorist. Educator. Lawyer. Advocate.


Bianca Rose Phillips wants to help build a world where telemedicine enables access to healthcare no matter where you live, where the mainstream use of wearables allows for disease prediction before anything happens, and where clinical outcomes are improved because of uses of precision and personalised medicine.

She is considered a leading thinker on the future of digital health and the law, recognised globally for her thought leadership in the field. Her ideas attract the biggest minds and companies in digital health.

Bianca takes you on a journey to imagine a future immersed in digital health. Her works include: The Digital Health Revolution: Structural Elements & Logical Methods, The 8 Pillars of The Digital Health Revolution, and ‘The Digital Health School of Thought’.

These works explore the processes, pillars and methods upon which digital health laws and societies are built, constrained, transformed and revolutionised.

She holds a Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Commerce, Graduate Diploma of Professional Legal Practice, Master of Laws (Medical Law). Admitted as a Lawyer & Officer of the Supreme Court. Juris Doctor Lecturer.

Motivated and inspired by her daughters to explore the future of law, society & humanity.

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Recent Appearance: Speaker at Harvard Medical School.

Author: Ch 14 The Laws of Voice, Voice Technology in Healthcare Book, HIMSS.

Named: One of Fifty of the Most Influential Voices in Healthcare for 2021 by Medika.