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Founding CEO of REPCARDz

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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Frustrated after over thirteen years as a medical device rep taking customer calls asking, “Do you know who my rep is for this product?” I set out to solve this problem because a lost connection means a lost sale and changing reps, healthcare personnel, territories, products, and companies are constant.  So I traded in my scrubs for business clothes and got to work building a better way for healthcare to connect and keep pace with product experts, so quick answers are always at their fingertips.

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Career History and Accomplishments:

I began my medical device career working for a distributor, selling a wide array of devices, from Carl Zeiss dental microscopes to CorMatrix Extracellular Matrix for pericardial closure and cardiac tissue repair. After earning a Circle of Excellence Award at CorMatrix (now Aziyo Biologics), I was poached out of the OR by Medtronic, where I earned the Rookie of the Year Award in the Structural Heart division.

The Beginning of REPCARDz:

The idea for REPCARDz initially began as a distributor rep printing the product lines I carried on my business card.  Having over 500 products in my bag at Medtronic, I continued to add and scratch off product lines written on my Medtronic business card.  Despite having the contacts app on our phone, Google, LinkedIn, and Vendor Credentialing platforms, healthcare providers continue to call 1-800 numbers and former reps to track down their current product experts.  Why have we settled for this antiquated, inefficient, good for no one process?

My Personal WHY:

My personal WHY is to have a positive impact on those I’m honored to call colleagues, customers, and friends.  How I do that is by challenging the status quo and what I bring is a better way.  Please reach out and let me know how I can help you.  Here’s my REPCARD.  I look forward to connecting soon.


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