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Change Agent- ASCdx and RepFreedom

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BA in Biology from Augustana College, Rock Island IL


Faith, family, friends. 

I am a fun-loving, laid back, but hard working guy who tries to make the most out of the life I’ve been given. The things I enjoy most are spending time in nature with the family, date nights with my wife, and challenging myself in work and play.

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We hear from surgeons all the time who are frustrated by the challenges of maximizing their profitability and impact in the ASC setting.  That’s why we created ASCdx, a step by step process for connecting you with more ideal patients and growing your bottom line.

Similarly, we hear from reps frequently who are stuck in an unfixable cycle of decreasing ASP’s, decreasing commission rates, and increased stress. Our RepFreedom Process acts as a sounding board to provide advice, guidance, and possibly an opportunity to break out of the cycle.