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Even though their tools and equipment touch nearly every surgical patient in the world, how much do you really know about the people, processes, and products used in the Sterile Processing industry? The Beyond Clean podcast offers a creative look into the inner workings of a healthcare industry surrounded by challenges, disrupted by change, and committed to getting it right — every instrument, every time. The team at Beyond Clean will bring on some of the biggest names in surgical instrument reprocessing and provide commentary on the biggest issues facing Sterile Processing professionals, facilities, administrators, manufacturers, and vendors. Join us every week as we explore the hidden world of one of the most important aspect of safe surgical care.


Customized By Design: Exploring the Intersection of Safety and Efficiency in Sterile Storage

When it comes to adding space, a hospital has two options: move to a new building and renovate, which can completely disrupt staff operation, or use the current space and invest in a more space-efficient storage system. On this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight we talk with Ian Loper from DSI about an integrated, high-density storage system that can meet all the safe and efficient sterile storage and transportation needs of your facility. If you’re interested in an efficient healthcare storage system that will increase employee productivity, decrease the cost of labor, and increase bottom-line savings, you’re not going to want to miss this! 

Visit to learn more or e-mail Follow Ian and the rest of the DSI team on LinkedIn.

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A Worker, Not a Widget: Humanity in the Age of Sterile Processing Optimization

In this episode of Articles On-The-Go, Hank Balch invites us to pause and consider the impact of technology on the value of Sterile Processing Technicians: “Department leaders cannot afford to simply open the floodgates of technology into their departments without judicious consideration of the men and women behind the machines. We owe it to our people to tap the technological brakes every now and then to consider how to best improve our industry while not losing our humanity at the same time…”

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From Here to There: How OR Liaisons Take Sterile Storage to the Next Level

Who checks your case carts before the OR opens them for first cases? Who responds to the room when a surgeon needs to speak with someone “ASAP!” Who ensures critical inventory is easily located and accessible throughout the surgical day? On episode 3 of Season 14 “Sterile Storage Wars,” we speak with Bobby Parker, BA, CRCST, CIS, CHL, CER, Clinical Manager at Beyond Clean about the awesome impact SPD/OR Liaisons can have on a facility’s sterile storage workflow. Tune in to hear how this role can change culture, improve processes, and even take your department to the pinnacle of industry recognition & success. If you have challenges finding trays, communicating priorities to & from the Operating Room, and building high levels of trust with your Sterile Processing customers, grab a notebook and listen up for this one! You’ll be glad you did!


Season 14 episodes are individually approved for 1 CE, so once you finish this interview, you can download your CE certificate immediately by passing the short quiz linked below each week. 


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What Are The Different Phases Of A Sterilization Cycle? | Expert Series On-The-Go 

On this week’s edition of the Beyond Clean Expert Series On-The-Go, tune in for the conversation entitled, “What Are The Different Phases Of A Sterilization Cycle?”. To hear more from this expert, follow us on Facebook and Linkedin, or subscribe to the Beyond Clean mailing list by visiting: or text BEYONDCLEAN to 22828

Do you know a #SterileProcessing expert who you’d love to hear from on our series? Or do you have a question for one of our current experts? Contact us at any time via email at:

Until next time, keep fighting dirty!

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Sustainable Storage: Customized Solutions Designed with You In Mind

When it comes to sterile storage, disorganization can cost a lot of money in inefficiencies and case delays, especially when critical trays are hard to find. On this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight we talk with Phillip Van Gorp, President of Belintra Med IT and Storage Solutions about SMART-FOLD* STERISYSTEM®, a two-touch tray storage and transport solution, installed by Sterile Processing subject matter experts, that helps ensure sterility and provides a comprehensive, economical solution to common storage and transport challenges in Sterile Processing. If you’re searching for more space or your staff has a difficult time finding the trays needed by the Operating Room quickly, you’re going to want to tune into this interview! 

For a no-cost, on-site assessment and to learn more about the SMART-FOLD* STERISYSTEM®, visit

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Surgical (Wedding Cake) Crashers: 7 Surprising Things Your SPD Should Not Be Sterilizing

In this episode of Articles On-The-Go, Hank Balch examines the menagerie of items being sterilized in surgical instrument trays and the reasons they should be left out. “Because they have no validation and no IFUs, they have no place in our sterilizers or on our sterile storage shelves, and definitely no place touching our patients.” Tune in to hear what surprising items show up on the list!

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