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#43 – Anatomy of a startup – Discussion with the Vic Nunes, the CEO and Founder of QMed Innovations (58 mins)

Finally, finally, finally… a company has solved the instrument and implant logistics problem.

If you are an owner of instrument cases, this is a no-brainer. You should start a Quest pilot next week.

You will literally double the effectiveness of these assets.

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#42 – Anatomy of a startup – Q&A with Bill Hunter, CEO of Canary Medical (55 mins)

I wrote about the coming of Smart Implants in on OrthoStreams back in 2012.

Today, Bill Hunter and his small team at Canary are actually doing it. They are bringing “talking” orthopedic implants that can predict problems before the patient even knows there is a problem. Zimmer is all-in with this breakthrough. Learn more about how Canary is ushering in the future of orthopedics with smart implants.

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#39 – The new Digital Playbook for Orthopedic Procedures with ExplORer Surgical co-founder and CEO Jennifer Fried (38 mins)

It’s rare that the perfect tools are available at the perfect time.

–> Enter ExplORer Surgical

ExplORer offers tools for orthopedic device companies at the perfect time during the Covid era and beyond. ExplORer’s new tools will improve the performance of your device in the OR, will save time and steps for the OR team, and will enable remote case support for your sales force.

In this Q&A interview with the CEO you will learn about what the tools are, why they are so important, and how they developed the tools.


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#38 – Intelligent surgery and the future of orthopedics with the Peter Verrillo, the CEO of enhatch (53 mins)

Software is slowing eating orthopedics. Enhatch is exhibit one here.

Enhatch is a pure software player, but theyare not actually eatingorthopedics so much as they are making the hardware better (implants, instrumentsand robots). They are a fast nimble startup, and when COVID hit, they quickly createda new tool called RepVision that enables remote rep support in the OR using astandardiPad.

Enhatch is a truly forward thinking startup in orthopedics.


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#37 – The Future of Surgery Support with the Avail CEO, Daniel Hawkins (60 mins)

Once COVID hit, reps were kicked out hospitals making it difficult to support orthopedic surgeries.

Enter Avail Medsystems.

Avail has the technology to bring a virtual rep into the operating room on demand. They have the perfect technology solution for OR support at the perfect time in history.

Read more Q&A with Avail –

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