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#45 – Navigating change in Orthopedic Sales: a deep dive with Stu Brandon (149 mins)

Stu and I talk about the changes happening in orthopedics. Stu walks young sales reps in how best to start out. Then for those experienced sales reps in a big organizations who are frustrated, Stu offers a way out, a way to achieve control and agency in their sales career – the Broker Rep.

The Q&A flow.

  • Stu, before we dive in…  tell us about your journey.  How did you move from working in sales for DePuy to becoming a Change Agent in sales?
  • How has this diverse experience across different positions and companies shaped your approach to driving change and innovation in the industry?
  • You have been in orthopedics sales for 30 years… what has changed?
  • What are the most dramatic changes in the last 5 and 10 years?
  • Where is the true power in the market for the big 5 Orthos?
  • How has the earning potential of 1099 and W2 reps changed over time?
  • How are non-competes deployed with new salespeople and what are the implications of signing non-competes?
  • What are some ways salespeople get marginalized today with product line changes, commission changes, territory changes, etc?
  • What is a Device Broker and why should some salespeople consider being a  Broker?
  • What are the limits of an Agent Broker in orthopedics?
  • What are the advantages for Orthopedic surgeons and facilities to work with a broker?
  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • Who is not a good fit to work with you or a Broker?
  • Could you tell me how listeners can find out more about you and ASCdx ?

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#44 – Discussion with Episurf US leader, Patrick Jamnik.

Episurf is a Swedish company who has brought 2020s technology into resurfacing implants with patient matching and 3D printed implants. Episurf is a very careful EU company that has invested in clinical studies for their Episealer implants. They have excellent clinical outcomes and have received US clearance for the Patellofemoral implant system. They are coming to America!

Website –

Enjoy the discussion.

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#43 – Anatomy of a startup – Discussion with the Vic Nunes, the CEO and Founder of QMed Innovations (58 mins)

Finally, finally, finally… a company has solved the instrument and implant logistics problem.

If you are an owner of instrument cases, this is a no-brainer. You should start a Quest pilot next week.

You will literally double the effectiveness of these assets.

Website –

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#42 – Anatomy of a startup – Q&A with Bill Hunter, CEO of Canary Medical (55 mins)

I wrote about the coming of Smart Implants in on OrthoStreams back in 2012.

Today, Bill Hunter and his small team at Canary are actually doing it. They are bringing “talking” orthopedic implants that can predict problems before the patient even knows there is a problem. Zimmer is all-in with this breakthrough. Learn more about how Canary is ushering in the future of orthopedics with smart implants.

Website –


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#39 – The new Digital Playbook for Orthopedic Procedures with ExplORer Surgical co-founder and CEO Jennifer Fried (38 mins)

It’s rare that the perfect tools are available at the perfect time.

–> Enter ExplORer Surgical

ExplORer offers tools for orthopedic device companies at the perfect time during the Covid era and beyond. ExplORer’s new tools will improve the performance of your device in the OR, will save time and steps for the OR team, and will enable remote case support for your sales force.

In this Q&A interview with the CEO you will learn about what the tools are, why they are so important, and how they developed the tools.


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