004 Where and How Can Doctors Prescribe Apps? (Ashish Atreja, Mount Sinai)

In 2012 Cleveland Clinic experts designed the Medical Innovation Playbook – a detailed report on the diverse and rapidly evolving technology commercialization programs of the USA’s top medical centers. It includes an overview of nearly 10,000 invention disclosures, 6,400 patent applications and almost 2,000 issued patents. Many saw the opportunity in this technological revolution, by establishing incubators and accelerators inside institutions, to give their doctors a supportive environment for innovation. Not only did they get new reliable solutions, they also generated a new revenue stream. In this episode, Ashish Atreja, the Director of Sinai AppLab – a sort of incubator/accelerator inside Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York explains how they are designing and testing apps. Through clinical trials and thorough evaluation. Your feedback is valuable. Questions, comments, suggestions can be sent to tjasa.zajc@gmail.com or on Twitter @zajctjasa


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