005-Saving America From Opioids


Saving America From Opioids

Dr. Scott Sigman, MD – A Fellowship trained Opioid Sparing Sports Orthopedic Surgeon and global proponent for the minimization of opioids in post-operative pain,talks with us on America’s struggles with opioids and how we got to this point.

Key Points

  1. History of the Opioid Epidemic.

  2. The addictiveness of Opioids.

  3. Who is at the most risk to get addicted to Opioids?

  4. Athletes and their risk of Opioid addiction.

  5. How did the Opioid Epidemic start?

  6. America’s use of Opioids compared to other countries.

  7. The benefits of using Opioid Sparing Surgery.

  8. How Opioid Sparing Surgery works and how well will it control my pain?

  9. Are there any side effects to using Opioid Sparing Surgery.

  10. How does EXPAREL work, and how can patients request it.

  11. What should people be asking their doctor if they are afraid of using Opioid drugs?

  12. Dr. Sigman’s efforts to spread his message across America and save America from Opiods.

  13. www.Planagainstpain.com


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