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Beyond Medicine was born as a voice for our leaders in healthcare. Initially as a platform to help our doctor’s and leaders share their message with the world. Our mission has evolved to advance healthcare, challenge limiting beliefs, and bring on leaders who are making a difference. Our host, Rami Wehbi D.O, is a Family Medicine trained Physician and a curious listener with a hunger to make a difference.


057 – Dr. Rami Wehbi – Beyond Medicine Podcast CEO, Founder & Host

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057 – Dr. Rami Wehbi – Beyond Medicine Podcast CEO, Founder & Host

“I want to uncover people’s stories. I want people to learn from experts,” says Rami Wehbi, D.O., about his passion project: hosting the Beyond Medicine podcast, which he founded in 2018.

This week, Yasmeen Kadouh interviews Dr. Wehbi on his own podcast, considering everything from the project’s inception to development to goals. Dr. Wehbi discusses his vision for the show (“a total smorgasbord of doctors, professionals, people with credibility coming together to talk about the future of healthcare”), some favorite guests that he has hosted, interviewing skills that he has acquired, and the power of storytelling. The goal of the podcast, he says, is simple: “Putting leaders’ voices in a place where they can really share their stories and their credibility in a way that reaches people.”

To contact Dr. Wehbi, connect with him onLinkedInor email him at

We don’t want any Q-and-A typical format. We don’t have any expectations.

— Dr. Rami Wehbi, D.O.

056 – Dr. Mohammed Rahman – Founder & CEO @ VivoDoc

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Dr. Rahman Mohammed

As an emergency medicine physician, Dr. Rahman Mohammed sees many people come to the emergency room with what he calls “anxiety of health” — worries about ultimately mild symptoms that ER physicians are able to address, to the tune of a hefty bill. This trend prompted Dr. Mohammed to realize that there exists a significant need for healthcare consumers to seek prompt medical advice without needing to visit the emergency room.

And so, one year ago, Dr. Mohammed created VivoDoc, a start-up that he describes as follows: “Created for physicians by physicians, with the sole purpose to bring back the sacred patient-physician relationship, so we can make things more convenient for you—so you deal with one single vendor for all your practice needs.”

This website,, is a centralized platform where the patient can choose their providers; likewise, doctors can choose their patients, their services, and their hours. Dr. Mohammed called this vision a “transparent marketplace.”

With VivoDoc launching on July 15 in Texas, where Dr. Mohammed practices, next steps for the company entail expanding to become a national platform. Join Dr. Mohammed as he discusses his startup, its biggest challenges, and its vision for the future of healthcare.

To learn more about VivoDoc, see this NewsWire press release, and connect with Dr. Mohammed on LinkedIn or by email at

056 – Saad Alam – Founder & CEO at Hone Health


Saad Alam, Hone Health Founder & CEO

Saad Alam has been building companies for 12 years. Most recently, he founded Hone Health, formerly known as Peak, a hormone optimization company with the self-proclaimed mission to “empower men to take back control of their well being and feel like themselves again.”

Join Saad as he discusses building companies, developments in telemedicine, and the future of healthcare. He forecasts: “People in their late 30s and early 40s and 50s who are educated and have a disposable income are watching others hold onto a part of their youth, and they’re going to become very proactive consumers of healthcare.” Listen in to learn more about the growth of “proactive” wellness industries alongside sick care.

Saad may be reached on Instagram at @msaadalam and LinkedIn at Saad Alam. He also welcomes emails to

055 – Dr. Benjamin Schwartz – Orthopedic Surgeon and Healthcare Innovator

Dr. Schwartz is an orthopedic surgeon with over 13 years of experience in private practice. He is the Chief Innovation officer for Healent, an early-stage healthcare technology company, and serves on the medical advisory board of Buoy Health.

Dr. Schwartz has received awards for Excellence in Clinical care and was a top performer in the CMS BPCI-A program in 2019. He is a LinkedIn Top Voice and a leader among physicians and the healthcare innovation space.

054 – Dr. Ravi Gupta – Viking Capital Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Join our conversation with Dr. Gupta…

Dr. Gupta shares his story (1:58)

The Five Freedoms: financial freedom, freedom of time, geographic freedom, freedom of health and well-being, and freedom of giving/charity

How Dr. Gupta got into real estate (6:41)

Nuts & Bolts (13:20)

Why invest in real estate? (Tl;dr: “It’s lucrative, it’s interesting, and there’s a tremendous tax benefit.”)

Should I hire a management company?

What is today’s market like?

Tips for a first-time investor (28:08)

1) If you’re going to live in a property, make sure you’re planning to stay there for at least 3-5 years.

2) Have a good exit plan in place

3) Buy the cheapest property in the best area you could buy in

“Creating your freedom”: transition into practicing medicine for passion, not profit (47:07)

Learn more about Viking Capital

053 – Antoine Robillard- Withings and the Future of Connected Health Technology

Antoine Robillard is the Vice President of Withings, one of the largest connected health device companies in the world.

Antoine takes us through the background of the company and how they started from this desire to be able to connect the body scale to the internet. They started with the first smart scale on the market and continued with other devices such as smart watches, thermometers, blood pressure monitors and much more. The timeless sleek design of their products adds a fashionable touch to such health products that typically may not have such a positive connotation.

Wearable technology is becoming more of an essential part of modern healthcare as it could play a pivotal role in the success of remote patient monitoring. Dive into this episode to learn more about the future of connected health technology as it is incorporated into telehealth.

Check out all of their latest products at


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