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Beyond Medicine was born as a voice for our leaders in healthcare. Initially as a platform to help our doctor’s and leaders share their message with the world. Our mission has evolved to advance healthcare, challenge limiting beliefs, and bring on leaders who are making a difference. Our host, Rami Wehbi D.O, is a Family Medicine trained Physician and a curious listener with a hunger to make a difference.


047 – Dr. Saya Nagori – Ophthalmologist and Reproductive Healthcare Entrepreneur

Dr. Saya Nagori is a board-certified Ophthalmologist and healthcare entrepreneur. Beyond her 10 years of experience as an eye doctor, Dr. Nagori has multiple businesses that she runs and operates.

She is the Physician Founder of SimpleHealth, a company that provides prescription birth control supplements at both an affordable and convenient way. Her latest project, Femhealth, focuses on sharing evidence based information on women’s health and reproductive care.

To learn more about SimpleHealth, visit To learn more about FemHealth, visit

Dr. Saya Nagori is part of many social media outlets and is open to hearing people’s ideas and meeting physicians interested in her startup companies. To get in touch with Dr. Nagori, follow her on Instagram at @doctor.saya. You can also follow her on Twitter @sayanagoriMD and Clubhouse @sayanagoriMD.

046 – Dr. Isabel Van De Keere – Founder of Immersive Rehab, a Virtual Reality Healthcare Startup

Dr. Isabel Van De Keere is the CEO and Founder of Immersive Rehab, which is a health technology startup. Through her personal experiences of going through rehab, she decided to create a company that uses games, virtual reality, and immersive technology to improve physical and neurological rehabilitation.

To follow Dr. Van Der Keere, find her on Twitter @ScienceRoadie. To learn more about Immersive Rehab, check out

In this podcast, we discuss Dr. Isabel’s journey with Immersive Rehab, how she started her business venture, what she has learned so far and what she hopes to accomplish in the future.

045 – Dr. Scott Sigman MD – Orthopaedic Surgeon and Founder of OrthoLazer

Dr. Sigman will keep you laughing and intrigued. He is passionate about orthopedics, OrthoLazer and making a difference in the fight against the opioid epidemic.

OrthoLazer is an innovative MLS M8-Robotic Laser that emits specific wavelengths to damaged cells, stimulating intracellular activity, and in turn reducing pain and inflammation in inflamed areas. It is a non-invasive technique and FDA approved. To learn more about OrthoLazer, visit

044 – Dr. Fatima Fahs MD – Dermatologist & Founder of Dermy Doc Box

Throughout Dr. Fahs’ young adult years, skincare was an obsession and she loved receiving packages that had different skincare products that she could try. After learning the science of skin in dermatology residency, she realized that skincare was a complicated subject.

Realizing this, Dr. Fahs felt the desire to create her own subscription skincare box of products she personally loves and would recommend to her family, friends and patients.

In December 2020, Dr. Fahs and her husband officially launched Dermy Doc Box and in this episode, we delve in with Dr. Fahs on her journey in creating this business, what she has and is currently learning, and advice to anyone interested in entrepreneurship.

Please enjoy!

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043 – Dr. Eric Dickson – The Value of Physician Leadership in Healthcare

feb week 2-02.jpg

Dr. Eric Dickson MD

Dr. Eric Dickson is an Emergency Medicine Physician and a physician executive. Currently, he serves as the CEO of UMass Memorial Health Care. In addition to his executive role, he serves as a professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

In this episode, Dr. Dickson discusses the importance of physician leadership in medicine, what it is like to be a physician executive, and the value of being in a team, together.

To learn more from Dr. Dickson, check out his blog posts where he discusses topics, such as COVID-19, the political climate of the United States, and the intersections of medicine and social well being.

The path to becoming hospital CEO.

Growing up, Dr. Dickson was unsure of a career path and ultimately joined the army. As his life progressed, he found his passion and desire to pursue medicine and became an Emergency Medicine physician.

During his initial start to medicine, he was drawn to pulmonary physiology and ultimately pursued more experience in research. Through his love of experiments and research, he discovered his passion for management.

How to be a successful physician leader or physician executive?

Dr. Dickson explains that there are 2 main traits of a successful physician leader.

  1. You need to know how to deliver results

  2. Treat people with respect

He further explains that these two things are what contribute to a successful career for someone wanting to be a physician executive. In addition, Dr. Eric Dickson explains that as a leader in medicine, it is important to know when to delegate roles to others and the importance of not asking others to do what you would not do yourself.

“1) Know how to deliver results. 2) Treat people with respect.”

During the peak of COVID-19 in 2020, Dr. Dickson worked directly with residents, attendings and other healthcare personal on the front lines. Dr. Wehbi and Dr. Dickson, discussed why this was an important example that was being set for the community.

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Written by: Rumeesa Rais

042 – Dr. Brian Lima MD – An Insight on Resiliency, The Future of Cardiac Technology, and “Heart to Beat”

Dr. Lima’s story throughout this podcast is one many can relate to. Being a first generation Cuban American, getting into medicine was not an easy feat for Dr. Lima.

After seeing his dad experience a heart attack, Lima dedicated his life to studying medicine and becoming the provider that transforms heart health for many.

Dr. Lima explains that currently, only around 3,000 heart transplants are happening and ideally, we need more (roughly 10,000+)

Dr. Lima believes that mechanical/wireless heart pumps will be the next pacemaker, if not at par with the pacemaker.

Lastly, we talk to Dr. Lima about his book, Heart to Beat, and why he chose to write it. He explains that the story is about grit, resiliency, and overcoming all odds to continue on a path that is long and requires such patience and passion.

Interestingly, Dr. Lima points out that the overall story is a parallel of our physical lives and the human heart. The healthier our physical mind, body, and soul are, the healthier our heart is.


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