056 – Dr. Mohammed Rahman – Founder & CEO @ VivoDoc

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Dr. Rahman Mohammed

As an emergency medicine physician, Dr. Rahman Mohammed sees many people come to the emergency room with what he calls “anxiety of health” — worries about ultimately mild symptoms that ER physicians are able to address, to the tune of a hefty bill. This trend prompted Dr. Mohammed to realize that there exists a significant need for healthcare consumers to seek prompt medical advice without needing to visit the emergency room.

And so, one year ago, Dr. Mohammed created VivoDoc, a start-up that he describes as follows: “Created for physicians by physicians, with the sole purpose to bring back the sacred patient-physician relationship, so we can make things more convenient for you—so you deal with one single vendor for all your practice needs.”

This website, https://vivodoc.com, is a centralized platform where the patient can choose their providers; likewise, doctors can choose their patients, their services, and their hours. Dr. Mohammed called this vision a “transparent marketplace.”

With VivoDoc launching on July 15 in Texas, where Dr. Mohammed practices, next steps for the company entail expanding to become a national platform. Join Dr. Mohammed as he discusses his startup, its biggest challenges, and its vision for the future of healthcare.

To learn more about VivoDoc, see this NewsWire press release, and connect with Dr. Mohammed on LinkedIn or by email at rahman.mohammed@vivodoc.com.



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