053 – Antoine Robillard- Withings and the Future of Connected Health Technology

Antoine Robillard is the Vice President of Withings, one of the largest connected health device companies in the world.

Antoine takes us through the background of the company and how they started from this desire to be able to connect the body scale to the internet. They started with the first smart scale on the market and continued with other devices such as smart watches, thermometers, blood pressure monitors and much more. The timeless sleek design of their products adds a fashionable touch to such health products that typically may not have such a positive connotation.

Wearable technology is becoming more of an essential part of modern healthcare as it could play a pivotal role in the success of remote patient monitoring. Dive into this episode to learn more about the future of connected health technology as it is incorporated into telehealth.

Check out all of their latest products at www.withings.com.


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