056 – Saad Alam – Founder & CEO at Hone Health


Saad Alam, Hone Health Founder & CEO

Saad Alam has been building companies for 12 years. Most recently, he founded Hone Health, formerly known as Peak, a hormone optimization company with the self-proclaimed mission to “empower men to take back control of their well being and feel like themselves again.”

Join Saad as he discusses building companies, developments in telemedicine, and the future of healthcare. He forecasts: “People in their late 30s and early 40s and 50s who are educated and have a disposable income are watching others hold onto a part of their youth, and they’re going to become very proactive consumers of healthcare.” Listen in to learn more about the growth of “proactive” wellness industries alongside sick care.

Saad may be reached on Instagram at @msaadalam and LinkedIn at Saad Alam. He also welcomes emails to salam@honehealth.com.



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