006-Your Neighborhood Allergist- Allergies, Food Sensitivities, Gluten, Dairy and More!

Dr. Payel Gupta, MD. Board Certified in Allergies and Immunology talks to us about the most commonly asked questions regarding allergies, food sensitivities and much more. As a doctor who suffers from allergies herself, Dr. Gupta has a unique compassion for her patients as well as a holistic point of view.

Key Facts

What are allergies.

Why are allergies on the rise?

Ways to improve allergies.

Figuring out what you are allergic to.

Nasal Saline Wash.

Bee Pollen – The hype and the facts.

The Allergic Triad.

Should you be tested for food sensitivities?

Mind – body connection and the link to anxiety and food allergies.

Off topic discussion on Mind-Body connection.

The connections between hives and stress.

Gluten- myths vs truths.

Food Diaries.

Lactose intolerance – Hormone induced acne.

Is there a cure for allergies?

Allergy Shots? What are they?

Hygiene Hypothesis.


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