019 Is The Digital Health Revolution Just Starting? (Indu Subaiya, Health 2.0)

From todays perspective, when we already talk about practical uses of artificial intelligence, machine learning, robots in elderly care, Internet of Things, implantable, digestable and other sensor, the world 11 years ago seems unrecognisable. After all, the first iPhone and Kindle were released hardly in 2007, a year later. Then, three years later, the first iPad was on the market. But for the digital health world, 2006 was an important year. It marked the birth of Health 2.0, a global movement for use, promotion and research of digital technology for wellness, health, medicine and healthcare. Questions in the podcast: – How are new technologies changing medical practice and medical education? – How big are the differences in digital health across the globe? – How much savings can we expect in healthcare with new innovations, since the so called waste is someones revenue, consequenlty meaning that someone needs to be pushed out of the market? – What is the state of healthcare data interoperability in the USA and can it ever be tackled? – If we were listening about “unmentionables” for the last couple of years, it is now time for the so called “unacceptables”. What are they and how are they going to be hacked? More: https://medium.com/p/4021b111939b/edit


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