019 -Spice Up Your Food and Make Weight Loss Effortless

Key Facts

-How adding spices to your foods and incorporating anti-inflammatory foods can transform your body.

-The benefits of Nagina’s top 3 Spices and their individual benefits.

-How to recognize if your body is inflamed and what you can do about it.

-Simple and easy to make pumpkin spice recipe.

-Nagina was kind enough to put together a free gift for our listeners to take advantage of

at masalabody.com/BeyondMedicine

-“Sweet Spice Cheat Sheet” with the spice that is is in your kitchen cabinet! It helps to lower blood sugar and curb sugar cravings. The cheat sheet includes:
3 health benefits of using this spice
5 ways to use it in your day

Find it at masalabody.com/BeyondMedicine

Blog posts talked about:

21 anti-inflammatory foods to free you of achiness and extra weight + eliminate disease https://masalabody.com/foods-that-are-anti-inflammatory/

Carrot Turmeric Smoothie + 7 more out-of-this-world turmeric recipes you gotta try! https://masalabody.com/turmeric-recipes/

-Homemade Pumpkin Spice the recipe / instructions are here, on the bottom of the post under #2 https://masalabody.com/what-spices-are-in-pumpkin-pie-spice/

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