042 – Dr. Brian Lima MD – An Insight on Resiliency, The Future of Cardiac Technology, and “Heart to Beat”

Dr. Lima’s story throughout this podcast is one many can relate to. Being a first generation Cuban American, getting into medicine was not an easy feat for Dr. Lima.

After seeing his dad experience a heart attack, Lima dedicated his life to studying medicine and becoming the provider that transforms heart health for many.

Dr. Lima explains that currently, only around 3,000 heart transplants are happening and ideally, we need more (roughly 10,000+)

Dr. Lima believes that mechanical/wireless heart pumps will be the next pacemaker, if not at par with the pacemaker.

Lastly, we talk to Dr. Lima about his book, Heart to Beat, and why he chose to write it. He explains that the story is about grit, resiliency, and overcoming all odds to continue on a path that is long and requires such patience and passion.

Interestingly, Dr. Lima points out that the overall story is a parallel of our physical lives and the human heart. The healthier our physical mind, body, and soul are, the healthier our heart is.


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