047 – Dr. Saya Nagori – Ophthalmologist and Reproductive Healthcare Entrepreneur

Dr. Saya Nagori is a board-certified Ophthalmologist and healthcare entrepreneur. Beyond her 10 years of experience as an eye doctor, Dr. Nagori has multiple businesses that she runs and operates.

She is the Physician Founder of SimpleHealth, a company that provides prescription birth control supplements at both an affordable and convenient way. Her latest project, Femhealth, focuses on sharing evidence based information on women’s health and reproductive care.

To learn more about SimpleHealth, visit https://www.simplehealth.com. To learn more about FemHealth, visit https://www.femhealthproject.com.

Dr. Saya Nagori is part of many social media outlets and is open to hearing people’s ideas and meeting physicians interested in her startup companies. To get in touch with Dr. Nagori, follow her on Instagram at @doctor.saya. You can also follow her on Twitter @sayanagoriMD and Clubhouse @sayanagoriMD.


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