048 – Dr. Tim Spector – Genetic Epidemiologist and Gut Microbiome Researcher

Dr. Tim Spector is a genetic epidemiologist and well accomplished gut microbiome researcher. Currently, he serves as the Director of the TwinsUK Registry at King’s College London and directs the British Gut Microbiome Project. He is the Co-founder of evidence based research project company known as ZOE. ZOE serves to help people understand how they respond to certain foods based on their genetic makeup and gut microbiome.

To learn more about ZOE, visit https://joinzoe.com.

Dr. Spector has written multiple books – Diet Myth, Identically Different, and Spoon Fed – which focus on genetics, twin studies, and gut health. To purchase his books, visit Amazon or his website https://www.tim-spector.co.uk.

To connect with Dr. Spector on social media, follow him on Instagram @tim.spector or Twitter @timspector


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