052- Prerak Juthani – MD-MBA Yale Medical Student and Cofounder of REACT!

Prerak Juthani is a Yale medical student currently on the MD-MBA track. He is also one of the founders of the REACT! board game, a game designed to help students learn organic chemistry. Prerak took us through the process that started REACT! from ideation to implementation and creation all the way to market availability. He also touched on how this business venture that was started in his post-baccalaureate days strengthened his ability to think in a creative and innovative manner. Using Prerak’s own experience in solving open-ended problems through the project of REACT!, we discuss the importance of utilizing and consistently honing this problem-solving skill to apply this process in medicine to drive innovation towards solutions in healthcare.

To follow Prerak on Instagram, find him @prerakcity and check out his podcast Red White & Brown on Instagram @redwhitebrownpod.

To find out more information on the REACT! board game and how to purchase, please follow the link https://www.reactgame.com/


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