#10 | Dr. Sonia Chopra | Tooth Be Told – An Endodontist Restores Authentic Brand Building

Dr. Sonia Chopra, DDS, is a Board Certified Endodontist at Ballantyne Endodontics located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

I ask her:

1. Was there an incident or person that shaped her future as an Endodontist?
2. Tell me about a patient that touched your heart, and tell me about a perspective that changed your practice?
3. What does being ridiculously caring mean to her?
4. How do you hope that your patients describe what you do for a
5. You’ve built an amazing brand platform. What advice do you give
other healthcare professionals about the importance and art of building a personal brand?
6. You’re a busy mom, endodontist, and entrepreneur. What advice
can you give others about living a life on purpose and avoiding the oxymoron of “work-life” balance?


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