109 How digitally healthy is New Zealand? (Scott Arrol)

When this discussion was recorded on 20th November, New Zealand, which has 4.9 million people, only had 50 reported cases of COVID in the whole country. The reason the country is successful in containing the virus better than most countries in the world, is the discipline of the people, says Scott Arrol, the former CEO of NZ Healtchare IT – an organization connecting insurers, healthcare providers and the healthcare industry. Scott is soon leaving the organization after running if for over 6 years. He talked about the character of New Zealanders, the complexity of the healthcare system, the hurdles related to the digitalization of healthcare, and explained how New Zealand approached the COVID-19 pandemic, so today, unlike most of the rest of the world, people can attend live events. Enjoy the show, and to read the recap of the discussion or browse through other episodes as well, go to www.facesofdigitalhealth.com.
Among the discussions about the healthcare system, you can listen to a recently published talk with dr. Louise Schaper about healthcare and digitalization in Australia, before that you can find discussions about Spain and France, episodes 97-100 focused on South America, and there’s been series about Asia and Africa published last year. 
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