#11 | Dr. Alok Sharan | How To Successfully Brand Perspective As a Surgical Procedure

Alok Sharan, MD is the Director, Spine and Orthopedics at NJ Spine and Wellness and a thought leader in minimally invasive outpatient spine surgery. He created an Awake Spinal Fusion program (www.awakespinalfusion.com). He’s received numerous clinical recognitions (New York Magazine Best Doctors, ’13, ’15; Castle Connolly ’14-’16; Westchester Magazine Best Doctors ’16) Dr. Sharan completed a Healthcare MBA at Dartmouth (MHCDS) and is a sought-after speaker on healthcare delivery.

I ask Dr. Sharan:

1. What’s a painful lesson-learned for orthopedic surgeons that Covid-19 has taught us?

2. What are one or two pivots that you’re making to attract more ideal patients and avoid the money-pit of traditional marketing?

3. Virtual surgeon education. Is this an old idea with a new importance? What are your thoughts for industry and surgeons.

4. The best of the best medical device leaders care about building their relationships with surgeons. What’s your advice during this season?

5. Why are surgeons reluctant when it comes to developing brand awareness?

6. Was it obvious or did you stumble upon the answer to build a surgical protocol named, Awake Spinal Fusion.

7. How has your MBA from Dartmouth shaped how you view yourself as an orthopedic surgeon and healthcare entrepreneur?

8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?


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