#12 | Dr. Scott Sigman | Private Practice Surgeons Are The New Chief Emerging Officers

Dr. Scott Sigman is an opioid sparing orthopedic surgeon healer of knees and shoulders (Left and Right,) and host of The Ortho Show Podcast.

I ask him:

1. The most important question – how does it feel to have the best Fro on the podcast scene?

2. How would you describe what you do to my Scottish grandparents Vene and Cordia?

3. Fill in the blank. Podcasting, for doctors, is the new _________.

4. Tell me about your podcast, The Ortho Show, and what we may NOT expect from the show.

5. Who is your dream podcast interview?

6. As a Fellow in the Royal College of Surgeons, how often do you hang out with Bono and the band U2?

7. Was there an incident or a person that provided you with the curiosity and courage to start Ortho Laser?

8. For the non-surgeons listening to us, describe the impact of opioids in your community and our nation.

9. What are some of your goals that you share with us?

10. We all want to know… What is the Tufts Jumbos all about?

11. What’s your #1 tip to help private practice surgeons right now?

12. What are medical technologies companies NOT doing right now that they should be.

13. What book are you reading that we should be?


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