#13 | Mathew Sweezey | The Context Marketing Revolution: How to Motivate Buyers in the Age of Infinite Media

Mathew Sweezey is the Director of Market Strategy at Salesforce. His focus is on the intersection of consumer psychology, media, and modern technology. He’s worked with some of the worlds largest and most well-respected brands including AT&T, Dell, Boeing, MIT, UPS, HomeDepot, and NATO illuminating their future path, and inspiring them to a more successful marketing future.

I ask him:

1. Your book, The Context Marketing Revolution: How to Motivate Buyers in the Age of Infinite Media, what made you curious and confident to complete this book?

2. You say, “In the new era Context replaces Attention as the key to marketing” Tell us more.

3. What’s something from the book you hold as true, but many people will disagree?

4. What’s 3 things you want people to know after reading your book?

5. Your book dives deep into consumer behavior, how do you think this translates to [patient behavior?]

6. You teach us 5 Customer experiences:
• Available: Helping people achieve the value they seek in the moment
• Permission: Giving people what they’ve asked for, on their terms
• Personal: Going beyond how personal it is to how personally you can deliver it
• Authentic: Combining voice, empathy, and brand congruence simultaneously
• Purposeful: Creating a deeper connection to the brand, beyond the product

7. Salesforce is a primary tool for most medical technology organizations. What do healthcare organizations not understand about using Salesforce that can have the greatest impact on their business?

8. Where will context marketing evolve from today?

9. For what do you want to be remembered professionally?


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