#3-2 On the Spot with Jeremiah Robison

On the Spot is a new segment of the You+AI Podcast where the focus is on fun and candid moments with guests on Healthcare+AI scenarios.

Enjoy segments such as True or False, Fill in the ________, A Tweet Saves The Day etc.
Jeremiah Robison is the founder and CEO of Cionic, an innovative company that builds lightweight and durable bionic clothing driven by powerful algorithms that adapt in real time to each individual's mobility needs. He is a proponent and an advocate for creating better solutions for people with mobility issues caused by neurological conditions and illnesses such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, stroke, and more.

If you liked this segment and would want to know more about our guest and how they lead from the front in Healthcare+AI, do tune in to the full You+AI Podcast episode with this guest.

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