30. Gemma Norburn – Anatomical Pathology Technologist, AAPT, and Mortuary Gem

My guest today is Anatomical Pathology Technologist Gemma Norburn

What we discuss with Gemma:

  • What an Anatomical Pathology Technologist is, and how she chose this career
  • The Association of Anatomical Pathology Technology and how Gemma is involved
  • Some similarities between the UK Anatomical Pathology Technologist and the US Pathologists’ Assistant
  • Gemma’s blog Mortuary Gem, and the inspiration for it
  • Death Cafe and how she got involved

Links for this episode:

  • Gemma Norburn on Twitter
  • Mortuary Gem blog
  • Association of Anatomical Pathology Technology website
  • Gemma on the Partly Political Broadcast on Spotify
  • Gemma on BBC Sounds Jacob Hawley’s Job Centre podcast
  • Gemma on BBC Radio 1xtra here
  • Death Cafe website

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