#7 | Chris Walker & Business Development Re-Framed for Healthcare Companies

Chris Walker is the CEO at Refine Labs, a B2B revenue operations & growth marketing agency that helps companies optimize their revenue model.

I ask Chris:

1. How did you get started in marketing? Talk me through it.

2. What’s the most common reason for business leaders failing or giving up?

3. In your area of expertise, what are some specific roadblocks to watch out for?

4. What support and/or resources do you make available?

5. At present, which hurdles do you personally face and how are you overcoming them?

6. What are the companies you work with NOT very good at?

7. Tell me something that’s true and almost nobody agrees with you on.

8. What is your favorite word you use with clients?

9. In your experience working in the healthcare space, is branding counterintuitive for most healthcare professionals?

10. One of your recent posts, you talk about how the next 12 months can change your life. What are one or two adjustments we need to make?

11. You’re speaking to a group of medical device leaders, what should they be telling their teams right now?

12. Where will B2B evolve from today?

13. What’s the worst “fork in the road” bad decision that you regret?


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