#8 | Dr. J.J. Peterson and How Story Helps Make Marketing Easier

Dr. J.J. Peterson is the StoryBrand Chief of Teaching and Facilitation and co-author of Marketing Made Simple.

I ask Dr. Peterson:

1. How would you explain to someone what you do for a living?

2. What compelled you to choose your PHD thesis? Talk me through it.

3. What made you curious enough to co-author the book, Marketing Made Simple?

4. Tell me something true about story-telling that most healthcare professionals will not agree with you on.

5. Can you tell me about a healthcare experience where you felt compelled to teach someone about brand storytelling?

6. Do you have any favorite stories from the book Marketing Made Simple that you feel will especially resonate with our healthcare professional listeners?

7. For our listeners that design and sell innovative medical products, what do they need to know about building a relationship with their clients?

8. What’s the importance of having a One-Liner and how do we do it? What’s the fastest way to target qualified customers?

9. What is the 5-step marketing plan and how does it work?

10. Words Pick Locks – unpack this for us.

11. How can doctors resonate with their patients pain via their website or other marketing platforms?

12. I’m a marketing director at a medical device company, how do I invite my customers, which can be doctors, into a story?

13. How do you continue to learn in order to stay on top of things within your role?

14. What would you tell an organization that has decided to stop marketing to preserve dollars as a result of Covid-19? What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

15. What have you learned from co-hosting a popular podcast and what advice do you have for healthcare leaders if they’re considering starting one?


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