A Safer Standard: Elevating Practice to Prevent Surgical Fires

What if there were an intuitive solution that could help prevent surgical fires and related patient burns? Would you have greater peace of mind if you knew that your patient and the surgical drapes could be protected from the heat generated by your light cables? Joining us in this special Fire Safety Week First Case Vendor Spotlight™ is Kamil Makhnejia, VP of Clinical Development at Jackson Medical, discussing their straight-forward solution that creates a safer standard of care for our patients. 

Whether we’re talking about laparoscopic, arthroscopic, or cystoscopic surgical cases, all of them require the use of a light source. And all of them carry a risk of surgical fire due to the heat generated by using a light cable. During this exclusive interview, you’ll learn how GloShield™ is effectively reducing the risk of surgical fires and patient burns through its proactive approach to patient safety. Find out how this hard-working, intuitive device can protect your patients, your staff, and your Operating Room from the damaging effects of a surgical fire. Tune in today! 

You can learn more about GloShield and Jackson Medical by visiting https://gloshield.com or by emailing them at info@gloshield.com.

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