AI in the Healthcare Enterprise

Our guest: Prashant Natarajan

Prashant Natarajan is the Vice President of Strategy & Products at He is a best-selling author and co-author of books on healthcare & life sciences who focuses on demystifying complex technology topics, strategy, and digital transformation programs. 

His latest book is,  Demystifying AI for the Enterprise- a Playbook for Business Outcomes & Digital Transformation (2021).

In this episode, Prashant takes us on a Data trip. He introduces us to Data Fidelity and explains the various attributes of data that may be relevant in a healthcare setting. He gives us a blueprint of how a healthcare enterprise may start planning their journey towards AI adoption.

Prashant then answers interesting questions posed by the audience.

You will not want to miss the companion video segment with him on the You+AI Vodcast which is full of fun and candid moments.

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