Articles On-The-Go: A Need to Know Basis: What We Wish Our Vendors Knew About Us – An SPD Expose

On this episode of Articles On-The-Go, tune in for an honest conversations regarding Sterile Processing leaders and the vendors who support us: “Every product or service we purchase has to be justified in some way. Whether it’s just a justification to ourselves for why we preferred widget A over widget B, or a budget justification to the CFO of why this is a wise financial decision for the organization — we wish vendors knew that we appreciate real, hard data on their products. We all want the highest of quality for our patients, on that everyone agrees. But just telling our CFO or VP that these lumen brushes are “better” than the more affordable alternatives is going to go over like a lead balloon. If you want to sell us your goods, lay a firm foundation by helping us make the case for your product in our facility. Offer to do a cost analysis for us on how much money we’d save converting from disposable wrap to rigid containers. Help us do a usage study on our nylon lumen brushes and give us a comparison on competitive products. Every product you want to bring into our facility will have cost, quality, workflow, and other consequences associated with it. The more of these consequences that you know coming into it and are able to convince us that they are a net good, the happier you’ll be as you’re walking out our doors…”

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