Articles On-The-Go: Cultivating your Team: How to “Grow Your Own” Sterile Processing Leaders

On this episode of Articles On-The-Go, tune in for insight into preparing your department’s Sterile Processing technicians for growth opportunities right where they are: “As you interview for entry level SPD tech positions, always be thinking about what inherent qualities this person has for future leadership opportunities — and, if you can, try to hire folks who are smarter than you. This will mean that you look for more qualities in a potential candidate than just the ones that will make them a high performing tech. Just because someone is a great tech, does not mean they would make a great SPD leader. Hire those candidates who demonstrate personal accountability, ability to collaborate with diverse teams, willingness to accept additional responsibilities as they learn the job, and other big-picture skills that make them stand out from the average worker-bee….”


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