Articles On-The-Go: The Need for Sterile Processing Speed – 4 Clutch Concepts for Increasing Your Prep/Pack Assembly Time

On this episode of Articles On-The-Go, tune in for insights on how to safely increase the speed of your Sterile Processing team: “If you are able to connect pictures with individual instruments in your tracking system, this can be a huge boost to speedy identification of items during the assembly stage. In addition to pictures, make sure you list the specific instrument manufacturer and catalog number of each instrument on the count sheet for easy verification by your techs. If your tracking system allows you to list multiple substitution information or cross-referencing, do that as well. Any info that can answer a question before it has to be asked can shave critical minutes off of processing times that would otherwise be spent trying to answer questions like, “Is this the exact Debakey forcep they want in this set?…”

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